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  • Our packages are designed to add a special touch to your meeting or event, whether your needs are simple or you are looking for a more compound conference experience.

    For more information or for booking your event, please contact Helga Jablonszki-Kiss, Senior MICE Sales Manager at: helga.kiss@buddhabarhotel.hu, or +36 20 776 2307

  • Buddha Light Conference Package Buddha Light Conference Package

    Buddha-Bar Hotel's Buddha Light Conference Package is designed to cover all standard needs for a successful meeting or conference. 

  • Buddha Conference Package Buddha Conference Package

    Buddha-Bar Hotel's "Buddha Conference Package" will just add a little extra to your event with its extended coffee break selection - all for the benefit of your conference or event. 

  • BuddhaSpirit Conference Package BuddhaSpirit Conference Package

    Buddha-Bar Hotel's "Buddha Spirit Conference Package" is designed to cover all standard needs for a successful conference or event. 

  • BuddhaSpirit Exclusive BuddhaSpirit Exclusive

    Buddha-Bar Hotel's "BuddhaSpirit Exclusive Conference Package" will definitely put that extra touch to your conference or event to make it excuisite and long to remember for! Choose the real Buddha-Bar atmoshpere for your coffee break with a few unexpected elements - all for your long-term success!